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anyone Tarkir-ing it up tonight?


No because there are only two LGS around here. One is quasi-shutdown (this is the one I go to) because of personal reasons with the owner and I REALLY don’t like going to the other one. I think I’m going to stop going to events soon if things don’t get better. Which really sucks because I just passed my rules advisor exam and was getting ready to take the Lv1 Judge test, but my LGS has been going downhill for quite some time now and I’m tired of making excuses for it.

I’m really sorry to hear that.

Twas the night before pre-release


  • Twas the night before pre-release
  • and all through the apartment
  • Adam was sifting
  • through deck strategy departments.
  • The spoilers were examined,
  • the articles checked,
  • in hopes that his sealed deck
  • wouldn’t get swept.
  • When who to his great surprise did appear,
  • but Jace, the Mind Sculptor
  • with six packs of Tarkir.
  • "Adam," he said,
  • "You’re not thinking too clearly.
  • This set brought back fetch lands,
  • which players love dearly.
  • It really won’t matter
  • on which clan you decide
  • for this set is the tits,
  • so enjoy the ride.”
  • He laughed with a smile
  • and with a glow in his eyes,
  • he exiled those boosters
  • to my great surprise. *
  • As he flew off
  • into the darkness so thick,
  • I yelled “Khans will be awesome!”
  • and “Jace is a dick.”

From Reddit user u/adamTEFL

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